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Originally Posted by nathanshown View Post
Ok, so here is what I did. I was playing through my first playthrough on legendary. I finished all the levels up to and including Kikowani Station. I went back on easier difficulties to snag some achievements because legendary is a bit stale on here. When I went back to Mombasa Streets there were still beacons though. Is there a quick fix or do I have to replay all the levels again or what's going on? o.o
If you just load up mombasa steets, then it will give you all of the missions to access again. This free roam level acts as almost a lobby for the rest of the missions (although still fun cos you get to kill enemies!).

The game should still have a record that you've completed certain levels on Legendary difficulty, so you should just be able to finish off the ones you haven't done to unlock achievement(s).
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