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woah boy, this guide is woefully outdated. The game has been patched a long time ago, and while the game is still buggy, the achivements are not so this guide is in need of revision. I just 1000'ed this the other day and sadly, x360a wasn't helpful. I don't care about credit, I just want a good guide to reference. Here are my corrections for the outdated achivements:


Hand Holder - 15
Complete game on easy mode with multiple players.

see: dream team

Sharing Celebrity - 15
Complete game on normal mode with multiple players.

see: dream team

Dream Team - 15
Complete game on hard mode with multiple players.

You can get this playing online with others or off line with 2 controllers. Does not require a complete playthrough, only reaching the statistics screen for each chapter. The difficulties do not stack so you must beat each stage once on each difficulty multiplayer. A list of the stages that count towards this achievement are:

Chapter 1: Whole Stage
Chapter 2: Conclusion (Boss)
Chapter 3: Whole Stage
Chapter 4: Conclusion (Boss)
Chapter 5: Conclusion (Boss)
Chapter 6: Whole Stage
Chapter 7: Conclusion (Boss)
Chapter 8: Whole Stage
Chapter 9: Whole Stage
Chapter 10: Conclusion (Boss)
Chapter 11: Whole Stage
Chapter 12: Conclusion (Boss)
Chapter 13: Whole Stage
Chapter 14: Conclusion (Boss)
Chapter 15: Boss

note: the multiplayer achivements are glitched and may not unlock without the patch

Hero - 15
Complete game on easy mode single player.

see: heroic ever after

Legendary - 15
Complete game on medium mode single player.

see: heroic ever after

Heroic Ever After - 15
Complete single player on hard mode.

This achievement is simple enough. Requires a complete play through each stage on the required setting. It is easy enough because no matter how bad you are there are unlimited continues.

Difficulties do not stack.

Strike a Pose! - 15
Stun 50 players using the love potion or love wand.

The key word here is players. Simply pick up any love potion you come across in quest mode and throw it at another player. This can be done off line with a second controller. Love wands can stun other players 5 times, but only if friendly fire is on. Love potions can stun other players even if friendly fire is off, however each potion is worth 1 towards the acievement even if you manage to stun another player twice with one. This will unlock as soon as you get the 50th stun.

note: this achievement will be glitchy without the patch

Who Wants My Autograph? - 30
Complete all chapters from start till end with at least an A or A+ Grade.

This one is simple. The requirement for an A ranking is dying 10 times or less. Difficulty doesn't matter, so you can play through all stages on easy. Best of all, if a stage ends with a boss fight you can simply refight the boss instead of replaying through the entire stage.

note: this achievement is glitched and will not unlock without the patch

Treasure Hunter - 15
Open all treasure chests.

The requirements for this achievement are straight forward, but it is slightly tempermental. If you play through a stage opening all the chests, then replay the stage later missing a few chests, the stage will be considered 'incomplete' towards this achivement. Luckily chests opened by enemies count towards the achivement. This achievement will not unlock until you reach the status screen.

a complete list of all chests can be found here

A tip for getting some of those hard to get to chests: use a projectile weapon.

note: this achivement is glitched and will not unlock without the patch

That's for Stealing My Goose (Secret Achievement) - 20
Play as Beanstalk Jack and get killed by The Little Giant. (Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.)

This achievement is granted in the first fight with the little giant although it is slightly tempermental. A method that will for sure unlock this is: DO NOT attack the little giant when he peeks into the room. DO NOT let the little giant kill you by blowing you into the rose bushes. When the little giant reaches into the room, let him grab you and squeeze you to death. That should get you the achivement.

note: this achivement is glitched without the patch
its kinda sad I had to refer to x360a's sister site PS3trophies on how to get all the achivements for a 360 game. The only one I'm not certain on is the Who Wants My Autograph? I'm not sure if your A ranking gets canceled out if you replay a stage and get a worse grade.
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