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Serving with Jesper

Playing on All Star and I'm on to my sixth match. So far I have been unable to consistently ace serve anyone due to the fact that his serving ability is very weak. Thankfully this has not been too much of a problem up until now as with his power I've been able to win the majority of the rallies using top spin shots.

However, now that I'm playing Solayman I've encountered a problem. Since he is also powerful I'm unable to win rallies like before. Also Jesper's accuracy and spin is so poor that using soft shots with him isn't helping either.

Therefore I feel need to try the serve tactic again. Can anyone advise me? I normally serve from all the way to the right with no steps back. However, Jesper just isn't able to serve from this far out. He always hits the net. Anywhere else I try the ball just gets returned.

As I say it's Solyaman I'm playing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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