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Hay there i bought the game about a week and a half ago as i really wanted this wen it came out but due to the awful critics it got, i never got it hense a year and a half later comment .lol
I just wanted to say thx again to Ben for all the effort he put in i got the corona cheevo no problem due to the hard work and dedication that went in to this guide. I thoroughly enjoyed this game even though i was going in to it thinking it was gunna be shite. just knowing youve literally done everything in a game is always awsome and rewarding. plus every 1 luves a cheevo. lol
Ye thx Ben for thois awsomme guide, anyone else who thinks of getting this game do because its awsomme and theres a great guide for free -

1 little comment i thought id mention for future gamers- wen going for revive 10 argonauts easiest i found, wen fighting hip,nage or watever the name was lol , i took pan and atalanta with me and wen you fight it both times nock the diffiulty up to legend and hide behind pan by like 5 feet and hip,nage will get stuck infront of them so kiccking the shit out of comrades you sneak in for a save reall easy i got 6 done on first meeting lol just a little tip i thought id mention if anyone still plays this game lol
Kl thx Highly recommended lascks a little fighting but overall a great game for Greek mythology fans last playthrough on legend and that snacks me a 1000 thx
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