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The Lowdown East Pass

1. After you lower the first hand, proceed to the next open area. You will need to move a series of cranes. In the far right corner (right from the sniper) you will find the Mementos in the corner, hidden within the shadows.

2. As you make your way to break the third rope, you will enter an area with two enemies with Gatling guns. Once you clear the area, use the bounce platform at the bottom of the canyon to gain access to a ledge near the first enemy with the Gatling gun. You will need to wall run to get to another platform just across from you, the Mementos will be sitting just in front of you as you land on the platform.

3. Make way into the fourth open area where you will need to cut the fourth. You will have to deal with several enemies before you can collect the Mementos but follow the path down to the right and follow the wall. You will see the flock sitting in the middle of the pathway near a wooden structure.

4. Cross over the arm you just lowered and make your way to the next open area. Here you will need to cut three ropes which are connected to the head of the statue. The Mementos are sitting in front of the third rope in this area.

5. After you have dealt with the wave of enemies after raising the head, exit the area and cross the arm. You will need go through the space that the head of the statue covered, before going through look on the shoulder and you will find the last Mementos of this level.

The Doppelganger

1. At the level start of the story, turn around and run down the stairs behind you. Head across the bridge and you will find see the Mementos sitting in the middle of the broken bridge.

2. Continue across the bridge until you have to cut a rope to drop the elevator. Once you wall bounce your way to the top you will find the Mementos on the left hand side of the screen, run around to collect them.

3. After you climb the elevator shaft you will come to a sniper and a wall run. Cross over and kill the sniper, just behind him between the stairs and the rocks you will find the next Memento hidden in the corner of the platform.

4. After dealing with the Android Afro the bridge will be destroyed, you will then have to fight a few waves of enemies. Climb the wooden wall, then wall run across to the next wave of enemies. There is a second wooden wall, climb up it, turn around and jump to the platform in front of you. The Mementos are sitting on the end of another platform ahead of of above where you had to wall run.

5. Follow the part around the mountain, soon you will come to a broken stairway which leads you to a fight with several Androids. After killing the androids, drop the lift by cutting the ropes and wall bounce to the top. Before crossing the bridge, look in the furthest corner of this platform to find the next group of Mementos.

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