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Originally Posted by MattDB87 View Post
Chapter 2
LT, LT, Check every box in the medical chart, OK, RT, RT

I accidentally skipped this RT part on my first play-through, am i screwed?0

I got the Silent sky ending. Is that right?

Playthrough 2 – Route B
Every time the screen blurs, you need to press the appropriate trigger marked below to make the screen green or red then continue skipping. If it says None, do not press any triggers, just skip. Also, there will be certain YES/NO choices, you have to make at certain points. Make the right decision as shown. Below are the choices you have to make on each chapter.

Chapter 1
NO, NO, NO, RT, NO, NO, YES, YES, NO, RT, None, RT, None

After this, there are more times to press RT or LT.

Actually the second sets of yes and noes didn't even come up.

On playthrough b i did the second set of yes/no that you have listed in chapter 1, in chapter 3...

So i did Playthrough 4 – Nanami’s Ending and it skipped all the way too the end and i didnt get the yes/no option in chapter 6...

Am i suppose to get an achievement after that playthrough 4.5 mop-up?
You will get the silent sky ending no matter what you do in playthrough 1. You can make any choice, any answer, and get that ending & achievement. (For example, you can press RT for everything, LT for everything, none for everything and still get the achievement. I only list those items because this is the fastest way.)

For playthrough 2, I made a mistake, which is fixed now. Sorry about that.

Chapter 1
NO, NO, NO, RT, NO, NO, YES, YES, NO, RT, None, RT, None

This should have been:
Chapter 1
NO, NO, NO, None, NO, NO, YES, YES, NO, RT, None, RT, None

After 4.5 - If you do not have the All Positive and All Negative achievements, which you probably don't if you missed a Negative choice in chapter 2. Load up chapter 2, and just do RT for the whole chapter. It should pop up immediately. (Due to the above mistake, this means you missed a "None" but there is no achievement for selecting all "None" choices, so you are okay there.) However, you may not have gotten the Route B ending, because of this mistake, so you may want to do playthrough 2 again to be sure.

Thanks for double checking and giving me feedback. I double checked all the selections one more time, and seems like this is the only mistake I made.

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