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Originally Posted by daenius View Post
Co-op Success - 5
All four co-op players get a match rating of 7 or above in a captain your country match.

For this Achievement, you'll have to start a "Captain Your Country" campaign from the Main Menu again, this time setting up a 4-player campaign, doing so by changing "Players" to 4.

Then start a game (all 4 players will participate in it) and try to keep your rating-indicator above 7 at all times. Each player starts out with a rating of 6.0.

The most important criteria for a good rating are:

- scoring goals
- providing assists
- staying at your position (use the markers shown when you're too far away from your position as guidelines)
- successful tackles

To get the Achievement, simply let two of your co-op partners play as midfielders while the other two play as strikers.

Score at least one goal with each player and sucessfully pass the ball around and try to keep posession.

This way it shouldn't be too hard to finish the match with a rating of 7 or more across the board.

NOTE: This Achievement can only be done locally, there is no option to play "Captain your Country" via Internet.

Does it need 4 controllers, each playing for one player? If it does, it's quite hard to do it yourself, anyone knows any easy method?
I've just tried to do it with one controller (I played with my player, and other three players were played by CPU, as the rest of the team) and I didn't get the cheevo.
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