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Achievement Guide

Hey everyone!

This is my first guide, and i hope it helps a lot of you out. I've noticed a distinct lack of Osmos achievement guides on the internet, so i thought i'd try it out.

Please provide feeback, I am interested in making guides for other GFWL PC games that haven't got them, and any comments complaints will be addressed in these future guides. Thankyou, and i hope this helps!

Happy Gaming
Sgt Skellboy

Osmos Achievement Guide
by sgt skellboy



Difficulty: 5/10
Offline Achievements: 11 (200G)
Online Achievements: 0
Estimated time for 200: 5-10 Hours
Number of playthroughs Needed: 1
Number of missable achievements: 0
Glitched Achievements: 1
Do cheat codes affect achievements? No Cheats
Does Difficulty affect Achievements? No

NOTE: You must have an active internet connection at all times to Save your game , and earn Achievements.

Glitched Achievements: There is one achievement which has NO criteria for unlocking. It is shown as a secret achievements in the list, but it is
unattainable. The developers have commented as seen on threads in the forum, but have no plans to change it. So for anybody looking to get
100% in Osmos, bad luck. (The unattainable achievement is worth 0g, so you can still get the full 200G.)

Time: This is hard to gauge. The 200G takes monumental skill and/or luck. However, it IS possible with a little time and effort. A lot of persistence is required. A LOT. It will only take 1 or 2 hours to unlock all the levels, but it will take a whole lot longer to finish them.

Conclusion: This game will get annoying. But if you see past the difficulty mountain, and the long levels, you will learn to love it.

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