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Originally Posted by isaaccummins View Post
It's because treyarch or whatever their sh*tty name is cannot make a call of duty game. COD2 and COD4 are brilliant and are difficult in the sense that it takes some serious skill to do on veteran. COD3 and COD5(WAW) are just pony and are made by Treyarch and just make it difficult by being shot by a enemy ten miles away or one of the infinite number of grenades the axis must carry round in the bottomless bags. Lazy arse programming is all it is. Exactly the reason they didn't even call WAW COD5 because Activision did not want to even be associated with such a sh*t game. Bring on Modern Warfare 2 which will no doubt be a brilliant game.

I bet you feel like a dumbass now the Modern Warfare 2 has been out for awhile now and it sucks.
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