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""Qualifier Achievements

"For Africa Qualifier, South America Qualifier, CONCACAF Qualifier, Oceania Qualifier, Asia Qualifier and Europe Qualifier all you have to do is use 2 controllers. Make sure you are controller one, then move to the oppositions team and make controller two go on the team your using, then all you have to do is FORFEIT the match with controller two and then keep on doing it as you will win 3-0 making the other team forfeit until you Qualify gaining all points."

Thanks to wilson1874 for this information.""

For "daenius"

Can I ask? Is this right? ^^ Why would you forfeit with the team your using?

The other little thing I've noticed is that you put Netherlands down, perhaps you should "Holland (Netherlands)", so people know that is the same team/country.

And one more thing if you want to add it your guide, with the Qualifiers, Im not sure about every region, but the Europe one for example,, there is a group that has less teams in it, so wouldnt that make this even quicker. I think it is "Group I", it has Holland and Scotland etc in it. Just thought I would that out, get back to me when and if you can, cheers!

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