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33% - Ledges/Rotating column thing, help!

I know when someone points this out to me I'm going to feel stupid (I can't believe this game is for 6-yr-olds, I'm struggling so much it's embarrassing).

I just entered the doctor ma-whatsit's lair, after using blue and yellow Romans lobbed at targets to open the gates. It's at 33%. The fat guy stands on a switch to make a ledge appear and the little guy goes climbing up the wall. Jump across three crumbly platforms to the opposite side.

Now what? I see a brick to my left that I can't budge, and some more ledges leading up. I go up the ledges and there's a place to jump across. I get as far as the column with the two platforms beneath, but I can't figure out what the hell to do once I've gotten onto the rotating pillar!

It's hard to explain, I really hope someone can help - I hate that it makes me start the whole process again when I inevitably fall off, it's such a slow trial-and-error process.

EDIT: After a lot of messing around and trying to jump onto those green and red boxes (faaail) I realised there was another ledge. If anyone else is stuck; once you're on the rotating column, wait for it to turn all the way anti-clockwise, then you can jump backwards onto a ledge.

God this game is frustrating.

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