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Originally Posted by guillermo316 View Post
Originally Posted by IISpiderII
The only ones that look like they need to be boosted are have a full posse, win 3 ffa, and win 4 team. Since we don't know many you need to boost matches yet I'm going to start a posse and work for that achievement. Once I get all 8 I will disband it and the next person can make one and we all join then repeat for all 8. Shouldn't take long.

If anyone interested reply here or on xbl and ill add to the list. Also I'm getting this day 1 so please don't ask if you not getting it for a week or so later. Want to get these soon as possible so I can enjoy the hell out of this game.

1. II Spider II
2. Snaxx5
3. layth13
4. Fantasychampion
5. amishroadkill79

cant wiat till next tueday cheers.
me either, it cant come soon enough
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