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Originally Posted by N3xus Gam3r View Post
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I'm starting a new list for Europe, so the 21th we will start.
I will look for the exact times later.
We will not do the "win 3 ffa games in a row" challenge since I consider that the worst from of boosting; arranging games that let you win while the community is still booming. We will aim for the "be in the winning team for 4 games in a row" and "have a full posse" achievements.

1. Castlevania1995
2. Weepymathishard (friend and fantastic player)
3. Jules1000001 (also a friend)
4. N3xus Gam3r
Proudest Achievement:

From Ninja Gaiden II, known as one of the most difficult games on the Xbox 360

I completed the entire game without glitching, farming essence, skipping fights or skipping Tests of Valor. It was extremely difficult (being my first action game), but I'm proud of having been able to destroy everything the game threw at me.
If anyone knows any difficult (but fair) and cheap game, please let me know so that I can try to beat it
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