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Originally Posted by aSMiLoN View Post
I found it much better bringing the ships near the right end of the screen (with the other controller)
You CAN'T stay near the right side of the screen for the final boss. I learned the hard way.

So, as a reminder, there is one boss where you MUST stay to the RIGHT and the final boss you MUST NOT stay to the RIGHT.

If you are still confused my advice is to play the game on Normal so you can see the way the bosses fight.

Huge thanks to the guys who brought this to my attention! Just got myself Ace + Legend achievements

Every second is crucial when you are doing the attach/re-attach process - the enemies start moving in & firing quickly. Just like aSMiLoN said, you should attach/re-attach many times to be safe. I thought I was safe, died, somehow managed to rescue my second ship and do the glitch mid-level... phew!
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