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Achievement Guide

My apologies to Snapdragon. Two of the achievements' guides were directly copied and pasted word for word and it slipped my mind to either change them or give him credit. Also, I used Prowlerdante and Outinthedark's guides for reference with a handful of achievements. I have updated a few of the achievements since,


- Achievement difficulty: 6.5/10
- Offline Achievements: 12
- Online Achievements: 0
- Approximate time to reach 200 : 3-7 hours (highly dependent on skill)
- Minimum Number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Glitched Achievements: No
- Cheats Disable Achievements: No cheats
- Difficulty affects achievements: Yes

Burst Friends
Defeat 5 enemies in a single Rocket Burst or Drill attack

Can be done easily on the first level on hard. At the beginning of the level, dodge the first wolf and jump up past the second wolf, so he doesn't turn around and fall into the pit (He'll get stuck and not be able to jump back over if done incorrectly). Lead them further until you get to the first grenade wolf. Try to get them bunched up, then do a jump and drill (double-tap B) through them all. The achievement should pop up if you hit at least five. An easier method is, at the end of the level, the last wave of enemies should be five wolves, and it should be easy to take them all out.

Woodland Bouncer 5
Defeat 3 enemies with a single reflected projectile.

At the end of the first level on hard, you can kill all five wolves in the last wave by deflecting a TNT thrown by the dynamite wolf

Ferocious Flier 10
Completed 1.2 having defeated all enemies

You might not be able to die for this one, but I don't think that has been confirmed. Basically just mash X when you see enemies, and charge it when you get breaks. MINES COUNT AS ENEMIES TOO! I find charged blasts to be effective against them. And be careful near the end, there is one flying guy you need to take out with mines, so you need to have decent reaction speed.

Nimble Knight 10
Completed 3.2 without taking damage

This is by far the hardest of the three achievements. be careful not to boost into enemies unless you're sure you won't take damage from it. Use your Y attack on the purple guys, and try to get behind armor pigs and melee them. The big robots need to be killed by being hit in the cockpit. The hardest thing though is avoiding all the traps and obstacles in the level. Unless you are insanely good and/or lucky, you will need to practice these and memorize how the puzzles work.

Wolf Connoisseur 10
Completed 2.1 having collected all pickups

This is just an annoying achievement, but not really too hard. It's just annoying if you miss a gem or two and don't get the achievement. Yes, you need to get all the pickups AND all the gems. There are a few easy to miss ones though. Feel free to take your time and use the right stick camera aim to your advantage.

Near the beginning, there are two red gems and a continue on top of a big pole. you have to spin (hold B button, no thumbstick) on the nearby metal rail, and then jump, and rocket boost diagonally (up-right) and press A at your maximum height to give you more distance so you can get on top of the wooden pole thingy.

There's a part later with buildings. Get all the gems inside the buildings, and then go back out and use the spin technique on the rails to get up to the roof and get the gems. The next building is quite straight-forward to do. On the last building, do a diagonal drill attack (up-left, B,B) to break the destructible board, then do a normal diagonal boost from the same spot to get up and get the gems.

At the parts with the flying bomb wolves, be sure to get all the gems at the bottom of the pits and the top boards.

There's a part later in the level that's similar, but it's actually not possible to reach the extra life. Instead, go into the next room, collect all the gems, then unblock the conveyor belt by (breaking a machine? if I remember correctly). Once you get on the roof, go left and collect all the powerups and gems on the left roof, and drop down and get the extra life.

After you get to the part where hang-gliding enemies show up, there's one red gem over a small wooden platform that has a small heart. It's just off the screen and easy to miss (use the right stick to aim the camera).
A few of the rails also have hidden gems way up off the camera. Do a spin and boost up to get them.

Redoubtable Runner 15
Completed Arcade Mode on Hard within 60 minutes

Use the same methods as in Impatient Hero. For the easier levels, strive for a much better time than the par times so you'll have more time on the harder levels (the par times add up to about 80-something minutes). Be sure that if you die on one of the world bosses, restart so you get your life back. Also be sure to use the "special techniques" on the three world bosses. See "Devotindos Defiler" for more info.

Spark Dog Millionaire 15
Completed Arcade Mode scoring 1,000,000 or more

Would be very hard to do on easy, since there is a lack of enemies. Easiest done on Golden Sparkster, since gems are worth more. On flying levels, use mines to rack up your combos, in all levels, use gems to get combos. They're usually placed in a speed-run-able way.

Impatient Hero 20
Completed all stages below par time

Be sure to skip as many enemies and power-ups as you can, and use your rocket pack boost lots to skip by the level faster. Practice a level lots if you have trouble on it, especially boss fights and the later levels with tons of obstacles, puzzles and temporary platform switches.

For flying levels, you need to mostly just try not to die, or not die far from checkpoints. Except for boss fights and parts where you need to destroy something, you'll be going at a set speed through the level.

Par Times
1.1 - 6:00
1.2 - 5:30
1.3 - 7:00
1.4 - 3:00
2.1 - 7:30
2.2 - 4:30
2.3 - 7:30
2.4 - 3:30
3.1 - 8:30
3.2 - 9:00
3.3 - 4:30
4.1 - 4:30
4.2 - 8:00
4.3 - 5:00

Legendary Possum 20
Completed Gold Sparkster Mode

Gold Sparkster mode is pretty much another difficulty setting unlocked upon completion of arcade mode on the hard setting. You get half the amount of health and gems give you more points.

Devotindos Defiler 25
Completed Arcade Mode on Hard in a Single Playthrough

The big (or only) difference between normal and hard is that there are more enemies. But, to unlock the entire arcade mode on hard, you must use each boss' special technique against them (can be done on normal). Be sure that if you die on one of the world bosses, restart so you get your life back.

World 1 boss (Forest Shredder): Wait on the second platform until he does his grenade attack. Jump soon after he launches them, and slash one back in his face.

World 2 boss (The Wolf King): Go up a floor and wait on one of the cracked floors. Wait till he gets on it with you, get hit, and then drill the ground while he's busy laughing at you. He should fall down, and you should hear a confirmation sound.

World 3 boss (Axel Gear): You have to try and make the boss hit himself with his purple homing orb move. Jump over it and try to go really close to Axel by drill-attacking. Hopefully the orb will bump into him.

Elhorn Tourist 30
Completed all stages

Not very hard. Just play through each level of the game. If you do arcade mode, you will get both achievements. If you make it to say, the last level and lose, and you beat it in free play, this achievement will still unlock.

Zephyrus Saviour 35
Completed Arcade Mode on Normal

Same as above, just play in arcade mode on normal and don't lose all your continues or you'll have to start all over again. Be careful of enemies, practice the later levels and all the bosses, and if you die too much in a level, restart so you don't waste too many lives. Be sure that if you die on one of the world bosses, restart so you get your life back.

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