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i used that as a reference and worded it to suit my own experiences with the game, such as with the speed-running and the achievements that didn't have very in-depth guides. For the par times, there really isn't much to it, so yeah, I did copy and past those, and I did use the same pictures. The boss special techniques were also copied too, because I haven't beaten the game on hard yet and I had no clue about the special techniques until I read the guide for the achievement. The reason I even stumbled across that guide was because I was looking for how to unlock Golden Sparkster mode. So yeah, half of these achievements have been derived from guides from Prowlerdante, Outinthedark and Snapdragon. I figured some people would be too lazy to Google any guides, so I might as well post one here. And this guide is really just bare bones right now, when I play through the game more times I'll make a more detailed guide
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