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I disagree with a lot of people

It is tough, its finding people with SKILL is the problem
Everyone just wants 3 extra people know matter who they are, then 4th set comes NO LIVES LEFT, game over and you wonder why?

Everyone is cocky, no one is going to tell you they suck at Halo if they want to join your lobby or get you to join there's, the it took me twice to do Endure
First time, we lost last circle on 4th set
Second time, we won with like 15 lives to spare, we had 700,000 points and I had 400,000 of them, and I saw everyone playing and shooting, with the lowest person having like 40,000 I call that lucky, you can find alot of people on this forum how have probably done Endure like four times now, its about finding the right people to for lack of a better term "endure" the pain of going through that many hard enemies
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