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Hi! I get the Achievement in my fourth try without following the guide or quiting the game everytime I failed.

If you really can't get the Achievement with the Guide just relax and think for a while... now, stay calm and read these tips:

---Black EX Survival Tips For The XBLA Users---

-Do not get angry of frustrated, remember, an angry mastar is a mastar dead xD

-The stupids Hellcopters that spawns right after the birds can be evaded. REMEMBER!! they spawn from below (from the hell OwO), so, always try to stay in the middle and evade them quickly (1 less worry is 1 LESS worry).

-When a bird comes, try to evade it going upwards and quickly return to the middle, because, it seems that the birds are only distracting you from that hellcopter that is coming or that god damn well-hided plane (the one that always appears from the clouds and kill you =_=)

-The bird's patron is easy to calculate, they always go diagonally,so, stay downwards or stay upwards, or in the middle... yes, is more sane, because if a hellcopter came right after the bird you can evade it (more easy).

-After level 2, the birds always come with a surprise. A hellcopter, a plain, another bird, two hellcopters, etc. Stay prepared! try always to stay in the middle after the bird!!! so you can go upwards or downwards (there are different speeds of the hellcopters)

-You CANNOT pass the game by going all the way up or down... always a hellcopter screw that T_T. Instead, try the middle! =D

-The planes, always, ALWAYS hide in the clouds... don't get freak, but always try to identify them before they hide in the clouds... or your life is gone for sure u.u.

-Try to get to level 5 with all your 3 lives, if you can't, reload it (you can quit to the main screen also), because, when you get there you should have around 3000 or more km, and, the level 5 lets you gain 500 km per live (if you can survive more would be bether) and, you will stay like 4500-4700 km, so, its just 1 effort more and it is done.

-If you screw it, suicide yourself quickly, and press start in the menu (do not return to the menu, or it will reset). Maybe, that stupid copter that killed you on 4999 km is not there!! that helped me a lot, I get killed on my first and second time by a hellcopter, but in the third the copter didn't appeared, guess luck =D

-Finally, remember rule number one: stay cool, stay calm, and concentrate when you see a bird. They are (Virtually) the only thing that can kill you (planes and hellcopters can be evaded easily,, only in group are deadly).

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