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There was a topic about Most Wanted using Rathskeller Fork and that place has quickly become my favourite location in the game. It's an interesting place to defend once other players try to grief you.

Like the other guys have mentioned, lots of dudes will ride into your place and try to kill you You'll kill them easily, then they'll spawn somewhere high and distance and then pick you off. I don't get that, really. You've already proven that they're not good enough to take you out when you're already being hounded by cops, and they still feel like the bigger man when they snipe at you after spawning.

I never shoot people in Free Roam, but I join public games so the world feels somewhat "inhabited." This, however, means that I can't even play sometimes because some kid with auto-aim will sit there sniping at me as soon as I spawn. As soon as somebody kills me, I make their game a virtual hell.

Personally I find it most amusing when they're sniping at you but aren't good enough to even get a headshot (likely due to Casual aim; ) you can count the shots...One, two, three...Really kid? Use Expert if you're gonna try and kill me. This is when I pull out the Rolling Block and kill him as soon as he spawns, repeatedly, until he leaves the game or runs away once I've run out of ammo. (Yes I know that the Rolling Block is overpowered, but I like the gun. I'll use the Springfield sometimes, too...)

Yesterday I was hanging at Rathskeller and these guys wanted me to join their posse. I really didn't care to help them, but I wasn't gonna bother them. The one guy tried to use his mic to explain what they were doing, but 1) his volume was really goddamn low, 2) I didn't have my mic on to respond with. This his buddy came and killed me, even though the first guy just said that he explained the situation to me (his volume was finally loud enough for me to hear.) So, I kill the buddy, just the buddy, and just once. This is when the first guy kills me, and I return the favour...Now these guys aren't calling it even and they keep firing at me with some aim assist. This is when I pull out the Rolling Block and they can't do a thing. So what do they do? They invite some other friend to the Free Roam who's entered Legend Mode already, so I'm dreading this, and what does he do? Auto-aim with the bolt action and high power pistol.

Really? They weren't gonna man up and beat me themselves, so they invited a "better" player to come and "punish" me, but he's using goddamn auto-aim? He was no match for my Rolling Block, but he did get a few kills. Thankfully, they left the Free Roam after a couple minutes.

Sorry for getting a bit off-topic but the current theme of this discussion seemed fitting for my story.

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