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Originally Posted by Taiyz View Post
Yesterday I was hanging at Rathskeller and these guys wanted me to join their posse. I really didn't care to help them, but I wasn't gonna bother them. The one guy tried to use his mic to explain what they were doing, but 1) his volume was really goddamn low, 2) I didn't have my mic on to respond with. This his buddy came and killed me, even though the first guy just said that he explained the situation to me (his volume was finally loud enough for me to hear.) So, I kill the buddy, just the buddy, and just once. This is when the first guy kills me, and I return the favour...Now these guys aren't calling it even and they keep firing at me with some aim assist. This is when I pull out the Rolling Block and they can't do a thing. So what do they do? They invite some other friend to the Free Roam who's entered Legend Mode already, so I'm dreading this, and what does he do? Auto-aim with the bolt action and high power pistol.
What did the first guy explain? Because I've been online yesterday, inviting people for the posse up achievement. The thing was that there was a little war in the posse. So I tried explaining things, but it didn't really work with all random people.

Also, how should I pronounce posse? Someone kept trying to get into get an argument by saying I insulted him.
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