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Originally Posted by Castlevania1995 View Post
What did the first guy explain? Because I've been online yesterday, inviting people for the posse up achievement. The thing was that there was a little war in the posse. So I tried explaining things, but it didn't really work with all random people.

Also, how should I pronounce posse? Someone kept trying to get into get an argument by saying I insulted him.
Well the problem is, one exaplanation is the same as any other, so it doesn't matter what you say, some idiots will kill you anyway. These two guys were friends, one just happened to be dumb and killed me anyway after the other guy explained their situation (granted the guy who killed me wasn't there for the explanation, but still, the first guy said he made peace with me before the moron killed me.)

And posse is pronounced "paw-see". Paw as in an dog's paw, see as in...Well, seeing something.

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