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Originally Posted by luke391 View Post
Since i saw your post, i figured i would do some testing~! all i found was ps3 side so might not be considered 100% valid for the xbox people

I started at chapter 1-1 (i beelieve i did the pro with 4 but i didnt choose to keep doing it since there is no data from the pro in the stats area)

I only started the room if i had 4 people, and i only counted an area as complete if eevery area all 4 slots were filled and the chapter endeed with 4, if anything less happened i exited and redid

i did do the secret area on 1-2 and unless im forgetting something the secret path has the next area but does not skip an area, i checked my stats and i believe so i dont feel like redoing 1-2 unless people tell me that there is an area im forgetting about

I did the full game on the same difficulty, and had 3 others in every area, i also got the 386? trophy along the way so its not like ive been alone, upon beating 6-4 I got no title... so heres the basic's


A) its glitched (it better fucking not be -.-)
B) it has to be done in 1 FULL cycle (least realistic title ever, i can rarly keep 3 others for the full chapter...)
C) I missed an area
D) Pro's are required to get them all
E) my difficulty was too low (i see no mention of it though)
F) I somehow made an error like someone left/joined without me noticing (doubtful)
G) there is more to this title...

Sorry i cant help more, but i hope someone is atleast thankful i took some time to post some notes on it ^^;; sorry i cant help more
Yea I have been doing what you just said since yesterday. I'm almost done too and will report what happens. I haven't missed a single chapter and been playing with randoms, always making sure the same 4 make it from the start to the end of a chapter. Just need to finish episode 5.
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