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Ok I just finished my easy run. I got the beat easy achievement so I know I did every area but the title still did not unlock . I hosted every match and made sure to start only with 4 and at the end of a chapter (not area) the same 4 were still there or I would redo it. Maybe you have to have to beat an episode with the same 4 in one run for it to count? I had to finish a few episodes/chapters with different groups cause they kept dropping. The only thing that concerns me about that is Episode 1 Chapter 2. Don't you have to beat it twice with the second time going through the secret area? Maybe beat that episode a second time after final episode?

I'm not sure but I am not sinking another 4-5 hours on a guess. So if anyone wants to do a entire run on easy in one sitting let me know. Don't need a mic either, just going to run through it quickly. I'll post on the trade thread as well.

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