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Kills With Weapons Question (e.g. Biohazard etc)

sorry if this has been posted someone on here be4 (and sorry for the sort of misleading thread title).

question is - can the kills with certain weapons i.e. get Rocket Scientist, Flak Master, Biohazard etc 10 times in 10 different matches be done in Multiplayer (Duel) set to split-screen (wit only 2 players - both being Controllers), or does it have to be done in Multiplayer with Bots?

Also can more than one award work and count in 1 match (instead of 1 award per match ONLY) - i.e. i did 5/6 matches last night, each containing 1 Biohazard, 1 Rocket Scientist and 1 Flak Master before finishing /winning the match.

sure ive done it plenty times in both normal matches/online and split screen (For Rocket Scientist and Flak Master) but nothing seems to be unlocking?
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