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Weapon-related achievements glitched?!

Don't know bout you guys, but for me they arent just unlocking. I counted every kill award I got in a match and had like 6-7 in campaign for the Link Gun alternative fire mode (Shaft master award) and did the rest in a multiplayer game with bots. Not in an instant action game, cause what i've heard they dont work there.

So far I've got like 10-12 more of those Link gun awards in multiplayer and the achievement is still not unlocking. I always wait until the game has saved after a match and disconnect after that.
I tried it with every other gun and didnt work for those either.

Could anyone help me with this it's really starting to bother me..
And by the way I havent played the game LIVE at all/havent downloaded any possible patches, dunno if that has anything to do with the achievements.
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