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Originally Posted by Fritz White View Post
finished the game. 1000 points. i'm a big fan of the tenchu series and i think they did a really half-ass job with the game. playing the same story 3rd time, even with the cool ninja skills i'd unlocked was boring. co-op achievements would've been cool. playing the story on hard 1 time and unlocking everything would've been fine too. the game feels like they were trying to make a buck off fans of Tenchu and people that thought "cool! a ninja game". it doesn't suck completely because it's tenchu, and i like tenchu, but it didn't feel like a huge improvement over the ps2 or xbox versions. graphically or gameplay wise. at first i was pissed this game got bad reviews, but tecmo really did a bad job w it so it deserves it.
Must admit i only brought Tenchu because i thought wow a ninja game thats cool, i had never evan heard of Tenchu but i think its brilliant tho. I completed it on easy killed other 40 of the dudes you need to kill for the achievement but now i really cant be botherd to play the game on normal and hard its stupid haveing to do the same levels another 100 times. I just dont bother now and play co-op alot more fun

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