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I got this first try - Here's how:

2 controllers the entire time. I turned ON manual fielding, so that the ball just sits where it lands until I pick it up.

Vistor team I got up to 6 runs in the 2nd inning.

In the bottom of the 5th, I stuck out the first two batters, On the third batter I got 2 strikes on him, and then had him bunt for a single. I kept buting for singles until the score was 6-5 and the bases were loaded. I then got 2 strikes on the batter, and then bunted for a home run by keep pressing the LeftTrigger to keep everyone running. since manual fielding was ON, the ball just sat there in front of the pitcher's mound. After the last guy crossed the plate (when the play ended), the achievement popped.

I should also note, I beat this entire game in my first sit down. I never exited to dashboard.

Hope this helps someone!
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