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Just a little less chaos please...

I really want to like the multiplayer in this game, but there's just too much happening on-screen. Between the environmental hazards, turrets and hordes of mines that litter the airspace, there's little room left for good old-fashioned dog-fighting.

I love how the planes control, and the maps are nicely laid out for the most part, so everything's in place for a great game. But you really can't rely on aerial maneuvering for success since you have to constantly dodge all this stuff that just hangs there in the air.

Imagine sixteen people in a FPS (COD, Halo) all having five mines apiece and laying them down at the same time all over the map, and you can get some idea of what it's like. I guess I should have been clued in that this was more Mario Kart than Ace Combat since it has Snoopy in the title, but I'm still a little disappointed.
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