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Originally Posted by obehave_wan View Post
First of all, when someone dies, their mines die with them. Also, there are plenty of weapons to counter-act the mines, which is why you get to have 2. The EMP or the BAM do nicely. Or you can just do an aerial maneuver to break the lock.

If you're getting shot down too often, try flying lower. You're more easily noticed up high. I've survived entire matches by staying in the trenches.
I'm not saying the game isn't balanced, there's always a method for countering enemy attacks. My complaint is that a major part of a match is having to deal with all this "extra stuff." You're not just trying to outmaneuver enemies, you're also outmaneuvering all those enemies' mines. And even though the mines die with them, it takes about 4 seconds for that person to set out some more mines.

The game was obviously designed to be this way, so I'm not calling it broken or anything like that. But for me personally, I wish it had a little less of the arcadey stuff.
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