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Maloof NY List
  • 1,000pt Grind
    • You can get this on the rail right in front of you as soon as you start. You'll need to trick into a good grind then trick out. If you dont get it just hold and spawn right back in front of it.
  • 1,000pt Gap off the Side Edge
    • Straight from landing the grind turn and head right. Do a couple of tricks along the way to keep your (hopefully) x3 multiplier. You'll go past and rail on you left, a short slope then you should see the gaps Blue Arrow in the corner behind the ledge. Head around the ledge and ollie and trick off the gap and you should get your 1,000pts.
  • Grind Around the Bank
    • The bank is back where you started the challenge. The easiest way to do this is to just come from on top of the bank and just role onto it with a bit of speed.
  • Footplant a Hubba
    • Loads of these will be marked with the Blue Arrows. They're the thick block ledges. Line yourself up with one, ollie and hold (or another combo) and Footplant on top of the Hubba and come back off without bailing. Its easier to do it on one thats sloping down.
  • Grind over the Grate
    • From the Side Edge Gap you should see the ledge in front of you. Its at the back of the park. Simply line yourself up and grind the lower part over the Grating on the floor.
  • Do a Darkslide
    • Find anything to grind and pull off a Darkslide. Just remember to pull out of it and hold before you ollie and flip.
  • Hit 3 Rails without Bailing
    • To my knowledge I think you need to hit 3 different rails. There's at least 4 to 5 rails in park within close range of each other. Just dont bail or reset back to your marker or the counter will go back to 0.
  • Do a Bluntslide
    • Depending on what position you are on the board you either have to be level with the rail/ledge/hubba and swivel the half moon to the left or right as well as turning yourself 90 degree's inwards to the the grinding object. Check the trick guide from the pause menu for more details. Its underneath Grinds > Slides.
  • Step Up the Bottom Hubba
    • This one is marked at the middle area of the park. Line yourself up with the bottom part and ollie up onto it.
  • Gap the Central Manny Pad
    • This is very tricky but doable. Set a spawn point on top of the bank (front of the park near you spawn point) just behind the ledge. With the bank on your right do one pump and get a good drop in and pump out. Now head straight fo the pad. Inbetween the pad and the ledge there is a small slope/bank (in the middle of the small stair set), you need to time your ollie right and guess where it is as you cant see it and land on it. As you do pump off of it, turn a sharp right at the pad, pump up it and ollie off of the pad bank. You should make it over. Thanks to LOLitsNOrman for finding this line.
Go Here to Watch a Video on how the Manny Pad is done. Thanks to The Nerevarine for the video.

Quartered List
  • 4.0m Air
    • Simply get 4 metres of air in one launch. You're bound to get this as you go through the challenges or right at the start. For some reason this doesnt always register. I feel sometimes that I've got a good fair amount of air and it hasnt checked it off. I suggest you try aiming for 5.0m.
  • Grind the Low Bank Rail
    • This is located to the left from your spawn point. Its the yellow rail from the Money Banks OTS Challenge.
  • Gap Across the Insert Quarterpipe
    • This Quaterpipe is at the front of the park. Its the one with the hanging yellow rail arcoss the gap and you'll also see the Blue Arched Arrow. Simply get onto of the vert, push towards the gap and ollie over it.
  • Do a 180 No-Foot
    • Again very simple. Get some good air and start your spin. During this hold + to do a No-Footer and land safely.
  • Grind Up & Down the Angled Edge
    • This is located right near the yellow rail at the back of the park. Line yourself up and grind this from the bottom to the middle then back down of the inner of the ledge. You need to grind the side facing away from the wall as the opposite side just stops and doesn't curve.
  • Grind the Insert Quarterpipe's Rail
    • You can do this 2 ways. One is to land on it off of the vert ramp or two (the easiest) is to again climb the vert and simply ollie onto it.
  • Do a 540 Fingerflip
    • Like all the other trick challenges. Get some good air and start you spin. Either from the start or a bit way through start a grab trick then straight away twizzel the in a kickflip or shove-it motion to do a fingerflip.
  • Gap Over the Extension
    • This is the walled up ledge right in front of you from where you spawn. Climb the vert and you'll see theres one either side but it tells you you need to hit the one facing your spawn. Pick up a bit of speed from the little bank on the other Extension and try and ollie over it and back into the vert.
  • 2,000pt Grab Trick
    • Once again you need to get that mulitplier up to x3 at least! Get some good air and mix up some grab tricks with a good spin and you should just get the 2,000pts.
  • Handplant the Skinny Edge
    • This edge is at the back of the park to the left of the Angled Edge. Your best bet here is to start in the mini bowl area with the yellow rail on your right. Push forwards (so the Angled Edge is in front of you) and make the mini transfer. Pump out of it then turn left and aim for the edge. Once at the lip hold down to do a Handplant.
  • Do a 720
    • Get some really good speed and air and spine for your life. I recommend not doing a grab trick and doing a 360 to start then push the other analog stick in the same direction as your spin to boost the remaining 360 degree's.
  • Gap the Arch
    • The Arch is to the right of your spawn point. Its really small and isnt to much trouble to gap. Again just gather some air + speed between the verts and make an angled jump over it.
Thanks to MrSmugz for the video.


Well done you should all now have the full 100 on the Maloof Money Cup DLC. If you are still finding things a little tricky and need help please ask here or if you feel something in the guide need to be changed again just ask.

If you're still having trouble with Maloof Manual Madness, please see the video I put up or see some info that may help on Page 2, Post #46!


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