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If I'm using the No Fail method to get the 2 co-op achievements, Deuces are Wild and Love Me Two Times, I don't have to play a single note, correct? Someone posted that you should play a few notes and then you can just let it be. I haven't been playing any notes at all, should I be worried about this?

EDIT: I can confirm that you do NOT have to play a single note to get these achievements. I just played through the first half of the setlist co-op without playing a note and then played through the second half playing a couple for each song. I turned no fail off and then failed a co-op song and the Deuces are Wild achievement was unlocked for me.

If you end a song with a score of 0 nothing will show up on the setlist. Even though nothing shows up, the game still registers the fact that you were playing an instrument and it counts for Deuces are Wild and Love Me Two Times.

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