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Attack Ballista – 15G
Defeat 10 enemies in quick succession with one Bow attack.

The only Bow capable of delivering an attack powerful enough to kill 10 enemies is Bow Of Eros. This is dropped by Dark Archers found in the Challenge “Argos Castle Area”. Once you’ve got the Bow head over to Challenge “Looming Skeletons” to unleash the Skill “Volley III” (may require Gifts to upgrade)

Wrath of the Anemoi – 15G
Defeat 10 enemies at once with one Wing attack.

Upgrade a Feather weapon sufficiently and head over to Challenge “Looking Skeletons”

Aerial Dance – 30G
Hit an enemy 20 times while it is in the air.

Two-headed dogs are good targets for this. Use “target + hold back + Y” to launch them into the air then use the Dual Sword flurry attack “Rising Blade” to keep them there. May require upgrading to nail 20 hits.

Deadly Poison – 20G
Stun 3 enemies at the same time using the Tail attack.

Select a Tail weapon that paralyses and hit 3 enemies at the same time. All 3 should end up on the floor covered in goo.

Won't Let You Die –15G
Use a "Healing Core" 5 times to recover the health of a dying support character.

You’ll be joined by characters throughout the game. Your Healing Cores will restore their life bar too – do so 5 times when they are near death.

The Grace of Erebus – 30G
Activate a "Dark Blade" Underworld Core attack and successfully connect 50 times consecutively.

This one is a bit tricky. I used Essence Of Hatred upgraded to Dark Blade III. Find a Quest with multiple enemies. I unlocked on Gladiator 4 but any Quest with multiple enemies will do. This isn't 50 connects in one attack - it is cumulative.

Press "B" to begin the attack and hit an enemy - purple fire on impact = dead enemy - then immediately target another enemy and hit "B" to chain kill, and so on. The first kill doesn't count towards the achievement, only the kills made during the chain. The chain doesn't have to be kil-kill-kill etc, you can miss an enemy and pick up a kill on the next move - as long as the chain attack isn't broken.

The Pyre – 20G
Use a "Flame Core" attack to defeat each type of undead monster, except undead bosses.

Another tricky one – please read K1llerMonkey’s post -

Impenetrable Defense – 15G
Defend 100 enemy attacks using a Barrier.

Use Barrier Core “Absolute Wall”, go to Challenge “Mating Season” and use Barrier II to defend against the rampaging frogs!

The Body of a god – 15G
Use the "Spirit of Argos" to take down 5 enemies at once.

Ger Martial Arts Core “Spirit Of Argos” and fire up Challenge “Looming Skeletons”

Aesthetic Destruction – 15G
Using the Battle Song on Perseus, destroy a part of the "Skeleton King".

“Battles Song” is a Skill on the Piscium Harp. Cast the Skill and then smash a leg/arm off Skeleton King with a Hammer. Challenge “Skeleton King”

Draw Out the Ichor – 20G
Destroy the heads of 20 giant animated statues.

These are the larger, unarmed moving statues you'll come across. The Cyclopean Maul (Hammer) will decapitate them on first hit. Boostable on Challenge “Argos Castle Area”

Sharp Shooter – 15G
Pierce a cyclops' weak point with a Bow.

You'll come across Cyclops and Polyphemus during the story playthrough. Equip a Bow and shoot either in the eye. If you miss it in story you can meet them again as you unlock Challenges “Son Of Poseidon”, “Blue One-Eye Giant” or “Gladiator 5”.

Beaten to the Punch – 20G

Defeat 20 skeletons who are preparing to throw skulls.

Challenge "Argos Castle Area" has a fight with 4 skeletons; 2xDeath Soldiers and 2xDeath Warriors. To pursuade them to throw their heads you need to put them in Sub Weapon Seize state (ie flashing orange) several times. Once they are flashing orange leave them alone. If they come out of SWS state and then start flashing orange again WITHOUT you hitting them then are about to pull of their heads - use Soul Seize to kill them instantly once they've pulled their head off - else hit them again, but them back in SWS state and wait until the flash of their own accord. (Thanks to K1llerMonkey & COokieAndCream)

Vanished Threat – 20G
Destroy all parts of the Scorpioch.

This is the big scorpion boss - smash his claws with a Hammer. The tail may take some doing and requires a decent Dual Sword jump attack to destroy. If you miss it in story you can meet it again as you unlock Challenge “Blood-Born Demons”

Curse of the Gods – 20G
Clear "Mating Season" with the ability "Erosion of the Abyss" set.

There are 4 Sub Weapons you can use for this. Savage Blade (Dual Sword) and Gorgon's Blaze (Bow) need to be upgraded to "Heartless Soul" ability or Fang Of Tartarus (Dual Sword) and Talon Of Tartarus (Bow) upgraded with "Price Of Corrosion". Both of these abilities include the negatively impacting "Erosion Of The Abyss". Start up the quest "Mating Season". 100 kills in 2:30 mins. Do not change your Sub Weapon during the quest. You can make kills with it, just make sure you don't select any other Sub Weapon from your d-pad.

The Hunter's Title – 30G
Collect all Gifts.

No guide needed. Just make sure you kill every enemy with Sub Weapon Seize to improve your changes of getting their rarest drops. Everything can be tracked in-game

Complete Conquest – 50G
Complete all quests.

Complete them. All. Once you’ve completed all the Challenges head over to the Story levels and you’ll have a couple of sneaky new Challenges hidden in there that’ll need to be completed too.

Height of Olympus – 50G
Obtain S Rank in all Main Quest and Challenge Quests.

See main text above. The S Rank Guide might help!

Co-Op Achievements

Partner - 15G
Play 2P Mode for the first time.

Turn on Controller 2 and press Start

Trusting Heart – 20G
In 2P Mode, have a support character perform a Sub Weapon Seize.

Using Controller 2 batter an enemy until they flash orange and press “LB" to activate Sub Weapon Seize

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