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Secret Achievements

These are story-related and cannot be missed.

Survivor - 15G
Chapter 1: Clear "On the Home Front".

The Fate of Argos - 15GChapter 2: Clear "Departures".

The Cursed King - 15G
Chapter 3: Clear "Calibos!".

Dust Cloud - 15G
Chapter 4: Clear "Into the Fire".

At Journey's End - 15G
Chapter 5: Clear "Face Your Destiny".

The Edge of the Other World - 15G
Chapter 6: Clear "Scales".

To the Fallen Temple - 15G
Chapter 7: Clear "The Gate Opens".

Those Who Fight Destiny - 15G
Chapter 8: Clear "A Human's Strength".

Gods' Blood - 15G
Chapter 9: Clear "Disillusionment".

Chapter 10: Clear "CLASH OF THE TITANS".

Perseus the Hero -20G
Clear game.

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