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Hardest levels?

I'm just wondering what everyone considers as the hardest levels. I've bought this today, expecting a challenge. I've completed episodes 0-24 and haven't seen anything challenging.

Master controll hardly hindered me. I just went downwards, wall jump to launcher, walljump to next launcher, walljump to top, get the right switch, jump over the rockets towards the left switch and ended the level.

Paper thing walls was a joke as well. By just planning your route (mostly just 3 jumps before you were safe again) this is easily beatable within a few tries.

My question is, where is the "Mother Thwumping impossible" of N+? The danger of being trapped with an enemy in a 2 by 2 square? The frustration of always dieing at the last key in Pipes, whatever order you follow?

I completed the original 3 times, and so far this game looks more like N-. Will there be harder levels coming soon?

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From Ninja Gaiden II, known as one of the most difficult games on the Xbox 360

I completed the entire game without glitching, farming essence, skipping fights or skipping Tests of Valor. It was extremely difficult (being my first action game), but I'm proud of having been able to destroy everything the game threw at me.
If anyone knows any difficult (but fair) and cheap game, please let me know so that I can try to beat it
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