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Achievement Guide & Road Map


This guide may not be used without written permission by either the author or website admins. This guide has been put together for x360a and should not be used without permission.

I do not accept random friend requests. If you have any questions I am happy to answer them. I don't spend enough time online to boost most games. Normally most guides i write i will have either, rented, traded or sold the game you want help on. Please do not send me random requests as they will just be denied.

+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
+ Offline: 50 (1000)
+ Online: 0 (0)
+ Approximate time: 7 hours
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 ( 2 Suggested)
+ Missable achievements: 0 (Due to replaying levels)
+ Does difficulty affect Achievements? 3 Yes
+ Unobtainable achievements: 0
+ Extra equipment needed?: None
+ Avatar Awards: 0
+ Cheats: 1 (See "Hazard Master")

Eat lead is yet another Matt Hazard release. Over the years there have been various game releases from 2D side scrolling to Kart games. This game series has had it's highs and lows throughout the years, it has also mimicked other various popular game series's.

Unlike the previous games this one doesn't take it's self as serious, you will hear various one-liners, out of place jokes and see the world of Matt Hazard unlike before. This isn't your typical third person shooter; it has various twists and turns as you make your way through the story.

There is no real need to play through this game more than twice. Though you may want to either start out of normal or hard. Most of the achievements are easy enough as they will accumulate as you progress. If you want to earn most of your achievements within your first playthrough you can restart levels, or die and keep working towards your stats.

Playthrough 1: Pseudo-Hazard
Start the game on normal unless you want to complete the game on hard the first time through. Most of your achievement will come naturally, others you will need to remember to work towards as you progress. The game is straightforward and simple enough, but there are parts, which can be fairly frustrating.

Enemies will spawn behind you and to the side of you. You will also need to pay attention to their locations, as they will move around. Some enemies may charge you without warning so be prepared.

All the requirements for each achievement will stack towards a final statistic. You don't need to worry about earning every single one in your playthrough unless you do not want to reload checkpoints.

While making your way through the game you will want to either be working towards or earning the following achievements; "Eat Fist", "Feeling Punchy". "Headache". "Migraine". "Head of the Class", Better than One", "Plink", " Pull!", "Auto Dealer", "Russian Attack", Peekaboo..I Shot You!", Blind Luck", Second Amendment", Say "No" to Pots", "Fire Hazard", "Uncovered", "Boom", "No Pain, No Gain", "Maxx Karnage", "Shield Master", "Just a Flesh Wound", "Hazard Avoider", "Pseudo-Hazard", "...Where Credit is Due", "Multiplayer Master!", "Disco is Dead", "Stung", "Housing Crisis", "Talk!", "Head Cheese", "Bedlam Basher", "Draw", "Russian to the Finish", "Deja-Vu", "Your Turn", "Meat Your Maker", "Well, I Heard them Scream", "Dances with Guns", "Tramm Ride", "Death Hazard", "Pure Energy", "Deja-Vu (All Over Again)", "Observe the Grenade", "Beat the Snot out of Wellesley", "Meet Quentin."

Playthrough 2: Hazard Master
This should be your final run through of the game unless you decided to unlock this difficulty from the start. If this is your first playthrough, take your time, always stay in cover and use blind firing as much as possibly.

You can stand near walls and corners to pick off enemies, which is normally more effective than blind firing. Remember, if your crosshair is red, you will hit and kill the enemy. This includes if there is a wall or some sort of cover in your way.

Just take your time and concentrate on completing the game rather than working towards the various misc achievements. You should earn most of your weapon kills, and work towards most of your required stats for each achievement.

By the end of the game you should have earned a portion of the achievements listed above in the first playthrough. If you passed several up just to concentrate on completing the game, you can reload any level and earn the achievements you have previous missed.

Misc Achievements:
The bulk of the games achievements will require you to complete a set amount of kills, perform random actions or break and destroy a set amount of objects. As I mentioned above, you can reload any level to work on missed achievements.

I suggest you do this after completing the game at least once. You can then concentrate on specific achievements without worrying about ruining your gaming experience. There is only one achievement you will need to spend the extra, which is "Observe the Grenade". This is the hardest achievement in the game, as it requires pure luck and patience.

Eat Lead isn't overly difficult, but it does have some very frustrating sections which may test your patience. Just take your time and try not to overwhelm yourself with the miscellaneous achievements.

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