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Boom. - 20
Blow up 50 explosive objects.

Throughout the game you will find explosive items all over the place. If you can blow it up and cause some damage to an enemy or yourself it counts towards this achievement. Shoot Gas Tanks, Fire Extinguishers, Propane Tanks, Compressed Gas Cylinders and anything else you can find that explodes. If you don't reach this required amount by the time you hit the docks, you will find enough explosive items around this level.

Alternatively you can keep replaying the start of Red Meat and destroy the three fire extinguishers at the start of the level over and over.

No Pain, No Gain - 10
Kill an enemy with an explosive that also damages you.

You can just this on just about any level where you can find an explosive item such as a gas can, compressed gas cylinders, fire extinguishers etc. Shoot an enemy a few times to lower their health and blow up any explosive item while near them. You should take a small amount of damage where as the explosive item will kill them.

Alternatively you can use the grenade launcher, run up to an enemy and fire a grenade at them. This should instantly kill them and cause a large amount of damage to Matt Hazard.

Maxx Karnage - 20
Collect 20 Hazard pickups.

Hazard pickups increase your strength and damage. "QA" will notify you when one has been hacked into the game. You shouldn't have any trouble finding them as they glow red. Once you run near it you will be upgraded and glow red yourself.

If you find one of these near a checkpoint, you can die and recollect the same one over and over until you hit 20 pickups.

Shield Master - 20
Collect 20 Master Shield pickups.

Shield pickups are much like Hazard pickups, "QA" will alert you of a new pickup when one is available. Unlike the Hazard pickups you will find the shields in a small pod on the ground.

If you find an area where a shield is ready to pick up close to a checkpoint, you can pick it up, die and re-collect it over and over. Doing so will allow you to earn the achievement without having to worry about picking up shields as you progress.

Just a Flesh Wound - 40
Complete a level without dying.

This may sound quite difficult but unless you run out into the middle of a room of enemies, you shouldn't have any trouble what so ever. Once you start the game just carefully make your way through the first level without dying and the achievement will unlock.

You can take as much damage as you want, you just can't die, if you're worried about this I suggest you play through in Minor Hazard to avoid any frustration.

Hazard Avoider - 10
Complete the game on the Minor Hazard difficulty setting.

This is a difficulty related achievement which, will unlock with natural progression.

See "Hazard Master"

Pseudo-Hazard - 20
Complete the game on the Major Hazard difficulty setting.

This is a difficulty related achievement which, will unlock with natural progression.

See "Hazard Master"

Hazard Master - 40
Complete the game on the Maximum Hazard difficulty setting.

This is a difficulty related achievement which, will unlock with natural progression.

If you want to run through the game on Hard straight away, enter the following cheat code on the difficulty selection screen ( ). Doing so will unlock the Maximum Hazard difficulty from the very start of the game. This will save you having to play through the game more than once.

The games overall difficulty isn't overly too hard, but there are areas which will frustrate you to no end. If you have already played through the game once on either normal or easy you will at least know what to expect.

If you decided to run through on hard your first time, make sure you take cover as much as possible. If your cursor is read your shot will always hit the enemy even if it is through a wall. You can use this minor glitch to your advantage but be very careful as if the enemy does have a clear shot, you will die.

If there are doorways, walls or solid bits of cover I recommend you use them over destructible objects as you will survive a lot longer and not have to worry about jumping out of cover every so often.

...Where Credit is Due - 60
Watch the credits from beginning to end.

Once you complete the game just let the credits roll until the achievement unlocks. Skipping this sequence may void the achievement, so make sure once they start, let them finish.

Multiplayer Master! - 30
"What? No multiplayer? Sigh. Well...not like we can take the achievement back NOW...."

This is a story related achievement, which will unlock with natural progression.

The game doesn't contain any multiplayer modes what so ever, the developers just decided to throw an achievement at you for the hell of it.

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