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All 1000G at once.

I recently bought it from play for 2.50 ust for the achievements. I wanted a decent football game so it was challenging and i had something to play for.

For some reason when i should have had the "Beat the host nation" achievement... I didnt get it so i thought ok i will do a friendly later

Instead i went on to the challenges and did the first one with Ivory Coast vs Cameroon. I got to the 4-2 which was asked for and just chilled in the corner and let thegame play on. As soon as the game ended my Xbox froze with the little achievement notice saying i got the "Beat a jost nation" achievement

So i had to turn it off then back on. I went to check to see if i had the "Beat the host nation" achievement and it just gave me all 5 of them which was worth the full 1000g.
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