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I will work more on the achievement guide tonight, but I will include some notes about achievements I've unlocked shortly.

Starting Point (10): Complete a single level.
This achievement will unlock once you complete the Tutorial arkonaut on the first planet.

Life Preserver (10): Accumulate 9+ lives.
Simply accumulate 9 or more lives for one Arkonaut. This is easy to accumulate during the first Arkonaut's fifth stage of Planet Ice. Try to enter the bonus stage here, and obtain all the fruits that drop during that bonus stage for an additional life. Then, when you come out, break all the bricks. After the bonus stage, each brick will give you an additional life power up. There's enough on this stage to give you nine lives. If possible, try to get the "s" of bonus on stage four, and exit the stage through the hole just as you collect "s", this way you start stage five right at the bonus stage. You'll know they are the extra life power ups by their yellow color.

Bouncertama (10): Achieve 100 uninterrupted bounces.
Simply bounce on the pad 100 times without bouncing on obstacles such as clouds, bricks, or hit the tainted land below the pad. Can be unlocked anytime. You are able to pause while going for this achievement.

Rookie (15): Complete 100% of Boot Camp.
This is the first planet of the game. You need to collect every item on screen for each arkonaut, including fruit, break each block, and all fruits during bonus stages. Do not complete the stage without doing this. If the stage complete screen does not show "perfect", you need to redo this stage, which you can do at the arkonaut choice screen.

Icicle (15): Complete 100% of Planet Ice.
See Rookie.

Jungle Master (15): Complete 100% of Planet Jungle.
See Rookie.

Savannah King (15): Complete 100% of Planet Savannah.
See Rookie.

Farmer (15): Complete 100% of Planet Farm.
See Rookie.

Multiplayer (20): Play all levels in multiplayer mode.
Multiplayer mode is exactly like Single Player mode, and what you unlock in one mode is playable in the other. Simply play all the levels. I cannot confirm whether you need to finish the level or not though. There is no on-line, this mode is split-screen local only.

Combo Master (20): Finish a stage with a 300+ combo chain.
Can be unlocked during world 1, stage 5, but easier during world 1, stage 6 if it does not unlock there. On the left and right hand sides are clouds with bricks and
fruits. Get the bricks, which are machine gun power ups. Once you get one machine gun power up, move your animal to the pellets and shoot them with the machine gun
power up while the animal collects them too, shooting as many as you can as quick as you can to up the combo counter.

Survivor (20): Complete all levels in Survival Mode.
Simply play Survivor Mode and complete all the levels in the game once more, the only difference in this mode is a time limit is imposed on you and if you fail to beat the stage by that time limit, you need to restart. Try to create combos, as it gives you more time to complete your Arkonaut's stages.

Sky High (35): Achieve a score of 100,000,000 or over.
This achievement is cumulative. As soon as you acquire 100,000,000 points or more total from the moment you start playing the game in Story Mode, the achievement will unlock.

Now with film and game reviews (just for fun)!

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