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Hey guys, I've run into a problem, and it's a weird one at that =\ It seems that my game has glitched and the range of my ballastics can not hit the spider...but can hit other enemies in the same spot. Does anyone know how to fix it? I've spent approximately 25 hours reaching level 50 and I don't want to restart because of it =\ I do the whole kill Grendal, collect all drops, wait till his body disappears and quit to Aesir before it automatically takes me there. Then I load up 3-4 of world serpeant but it won't work and I'm not sure why. Any help is welcomed

Nevermind, I just upped my ballastic lock range and now I can actually hit the dam thing xD Still not sure why it wouldn't let me lock on to it in the first place...I could easily lock onto the goblins that spawned when they stood right next to it =\ Here's a tip, if you can't increase the range of your weapon, use a slug rifle's secondary fire as the granade has enough bounce to make it to the spider =]

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