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Originally Posted by Vandel Buster View Post
I'm looking to earn the online achievements myself. I have a friend who has the game, but he just can't stand playing it since he says it's a crappy GG game. Haha.

Anyway, my GT is Vandel Buster. Just say Guilty Gear MP or something. Thanks.

Me and ShoShockShanks are boosting right now, we still need 2 more for the 2v2 player match achievement.
Yea we got like all of them that same night lol
sorry vandal but i just remembered that i needed to help you out with those player matches i will let you know later to see if you wanna go for them.

Also we still need 2 people for the tag team match so let me know if your interested.
GT is ShoShockShanks
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