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Originally Posted by spyder2g View Post
I tried to get the cake at least 15 times on the mansion lvl, right after the chandeliers, kill knight on the left with lock-shot and thats a big nope. Yes I did this after getting the update too.

i just did try it again and i got it.
i play the stages (or Fields as they're called in the game) in order, dont skip to the mansion after 1st stage (so the mansion should be the 4th, after the ruins).

In the ruins i found the cake killing with Lock Shot the last giant snake right before the Boss. I did play level 2 but this works with Level 1 too.
I still couldnt find the bomb at all instead.
In next playthrough im going to play the Ruin as 4th stage instead of 3rd and see if something else is different.

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