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""Enter living room.
Pick up chew toy. (Infront of Constable Dibbins) (Oh I Say! 4/7)
Offer tea to Dibbins. (Tea, Everyone? 2/5)
Talk to Constable Dibbins.
Pick up knitting wool. (Under the window)
Activate robotic photographer. (To the right of the souvenir photographs stand)
Dial. (Activate the Dial-a-Destination, left of the souvenir photographs stand)
Dial. (You should get a Greek backdrop)
Take flag.
Examine Memories for Remembering. (Above the mantelpiece, right of the robotic photographer)
Look at the centre photograph. (Of Wallace infront of the Hawaii background) (Oh I Say! 5/7)
Exit view."""

So for the "Oh I Say! (5/7) Indeed it IS the photo of Wallace but he is NOT suppose to be in the Hawaii background (For me atleast) it was the same background that you take the blue and white flag from ALSO if you look at the photo above the one with Wallace there's a photo of the newspaper stand lady. If you view he picture a few time he will also say Oh. So I don't know if this has any effect on the achievement or not.

ON A NOTHER NOTE. as goes me last post........

I had to replay it again. I choose not to give anyone tea and it let me accuse her when it came time for the clueless achievement. And pop.
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