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Eyepatch RAGE!

I followed the guide exactly, making sure to get all of the missable items. However, the guide never mentioned that the eyepatch is missable as well. I got every item in the game except for that eyepatch, and when I go to the camp in Lal Mountains, there isn't a traveler with whom I can trade with... Apparently, from what I've read after the fact, is that things have to be done early and in a certain order. That would have been useful information BEFORE I went and did everything else.

Why. The. Hell. Hasn't. Somebody. Mentioned. That. On. The. Guide.

I know Blue Dragon is an old game, but come on! I followed the guide perfectly and there wasn't even a warning that you could miss it.

I donít have it in me to go through the game again. Blue Dragon was the least favorite game that I owned and it was sitting at 300+ G for well over a year, but the one time I try to play it again to get everything, I feel like I got screwed out of it. I guess 895 will have to do, because after this debacle, I donít feel like trying to get the last few achievements I still needed.

I doubt there is any way to make him spawn, is there? If not, is it possible to get the eyepatch in the shuffle dungeon?

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