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Dunno if there's really an easy way to win in this game. You DO have to pick a character that you're most comfortable with, though. I'm a Lau man myself. I rely on the variants of the PPPK combo to do the most damage, but a lot of time it's just recognizing when to attack and when to block.

One helpful hint, though: I've found the AI tends to get screwed up if you start a PPP(down)K combo. The AI will block high to stop your PPP's, but the sweep will knock them on the ground. Then you can use a down attack to eek a bit more health out of them. Doesn't always work, but it helps.

Biggest thing I've learned from playing VF is to know when to attack and when to block. This game isn't like a lot of other fighting games where either party can be an attack sponge. VF--players and AI alike--will punish you BIG TIME if you leave them an opening.
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