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you do need to at least bronze and perfect to pass each pod without "fail"

i got perfect on all of the first six in the first pod but only got like 3.5 million and it said i failed (need 5 million for bronze), i went back and tinkered around
and found u have to get as many blocks (over 3) for the fruit then catch them before they fall...i think the more u get the more fruit u get, then try to get as many as u can for multipliers before they hit the pad (hit the ground with fruit and perfect is gone)...u don't get a multiplier for every fruit and i don't know how many u need...tuff little game but fun!
got 9.8 million for the silver gonna do a pod a day to keep my sanity intact.
always leave a block out of the way of the door to clear your fruit or you'll get sucked in the door! then when u got the fruit go get that last block, just don't leave more than 2 or u will get another fruit and may get sucked into the perfect if u miss that last fruit
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