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Originally Posted by Neverender View Post
That said, unless you haven't gotten the memoir or whatever it is, you will have to restart the game or load an earlier save in order to get the all items achievement. To make it easier, though, you can get the New Game+ DLC where you'll get to keep everything you currently have in your next playthrough. It'd be much easier since you start with level 99 characters, and shouldn't take nearly as long (you can skip the cutscenes, don't worry about any other achievements, and destroy everything in your path with ease).
The problem is that I really don't like this game. However, I decided that I would go ahead and do what you suggested because I already came so close. But I decided to take a detour in the Shuffle Dungeon, since I paid for the damn thing, in hopes of getting the other shuffle accessories in order to make my next playthrough easier. And guess what? I got a mother****ing eyepatch from the third chest that I opened! I previously read that you couldn't get an eyepatch in the Shuffle Dungeon, but I guess I got really damn lucky.
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