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Originally Posted by Kyanite View Post
If this is serious, I have to say that that's incredibly stupid. You're clearly supposed to go off the side path. Didn't you notice the yellow marker at the top of the screen? That you were burned to death multiple times by trying to climb over the downed chopper is sad yet hilarious! I wish I could have been there; it would have been great for some laughs. Bash Activision all you want, but do you even know why you're doing it? Is it because it's the cool thing to hate on them now? Child please.
There's a pretty nasty glitch right in the beginning of the game, that generates the wall of flame at said path, before you actually walk through it and pick up the sniper rifle and yaknow, play the game. It is supposed to pop after after you walk through, to keep you from backtracking, but like said above, this game is pretty trash. It took me making a new save a few times for it to not do this, it seems to be random. Do a little research before you decide to be a dick next time.
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