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Stunt Park Capsules LOCATION guide

This seems to be the area where everyone is having the most trouble so here is a step by step guide to complete the Stunt Park with ALL capsules:

From the Farm, drive around and you should see the entrance to the stunt park right by the tunnel that goes to town. At the fork in the road, we are going to take the right path first. You’ll come to a small circular area with a lot of blue ramps. On your right is the triceratops and immediately on your left is a blue ramp. We will start here and work around clockwise. Speed up this ramp and on top is (CP212) Incredibles Hair. Go down the other side, pass the customization device and up the next ramp for (CP213) Ring Leader Hat. Drive down the edge of this ramp, pass the green goo machine and up the next ramp for (CP214) Incredibles Outfit. Down and up the next ramp and you will see (CP215) Ring Leader Outfit over the ramps in the middle, so speed along and jump to reach it. You should now be back at the dinosaur. In the middle of this area are two big ramps that you can use to leap the large dirt gap. In the air between the purple and green rings is (CP216) Cheerleader Outfit so get as much distance as you can, floor it toward the ramp and jump to it. SAVE.

By the green goo device we passed while making our loop around the edge, was a tunnel that leads to the next section of the stunt park, so go there now. When you enter you will see Buttercup (white unicorn) standing on a platform in front of you. To the left of him is a start point for "Stunt Jump Challenge" that you need to select to open the gate. Do so now. Don’t worry about the timer, you can always do the race again later if you want to. Take the left lane first and you will find (CP217) Monsters Inc Screamer in the air so speed up and jump to it. Now you need to get all the way over to the big jump on the right lane for (CP218) Hot Rod Exhaust Pipes and end up in the middle lane for (CP219) Mohawk Hair. Head around the corner, through the loop and over the blue ramp to find (CP220) Monsters Inc Eyeballs at the bottom of the other side. Race through the next red loop and you’ll be back at the start.

Now go through the opening on the right of Buttercup and immediately after going under the arch you will come to (CP221) Hot Rod Engine on your right. You’ll come to a fork in the road with a blue ramp on the left and a dirt hill on the right. Speed up the dirt hill on the right, aim for the middle of the ramp and launch into (CP222) Hot Rod Flags. Come to a complete stop and pan the camera to the left. You’ll see that you can drive over the tops of the arches so drive over the one on the left and turn right at the end. Follow the path around and on the top of the other arch is (CP223) Monsters Inc Tentacles.

Go back to the fork and this time take the left path and launch off the blue ramp for (CP224) Rock-n-Roll Hair. When you land you will see a ramp going the other direction on your right. Get to the bottom, turn around with and speed up that ramp for (CP225) Hot Rod Wheels. Once you land flip around again and continue down the hill. Stick to the right and you will come to a big dirt ramp that is sort of "U" shaped and up in the air in the middle is (CP226) Porthole Doors. When you land turn around and go back to the "U" shaped ramp. Slowly drive up the right hand side and you will land on some orange rocks by a wooden lamp post just ahead over the hill is (CP227) Hot Rod Doors. It looks like you can’t go here but you will make it.

Drop back down below and in the middle of the next jump is (CP228) Tourist Outfit. You are now on the bottom of the park. Right in front of you is a blue light column and press to open up a skate ramp. On the ramp you need to work your way back and forth to gain enough momentum to launch yourself into the air for (CP229) Mad Scientist Hat and (CP230) Pageant Queen Outfit. After you get those two, continue clockwise along the bottom and you will see a big dirt path that leads all the way back to the top. The goal here is to get past the first yellow arrow speed booster and fall off the left side of the path. Look for a cactus and a lamp post before starting. Once you fall over the edge you’ll see (CP231) Trapeze Artist Hat. Go out the blue tunnel and work your way to the left to find (CP232) Clown Hat. Continue on and you will pass a soccer net on your left and should see another blue column of light for the bowling mini game. Press to start it.

Here you need to go down the left side for (CP233) Monsters Inc Walls and the right side for (CP234) Panama Hat. Once you have both head back to the bowling mini game start point and look at the large red loop in the back corner. On the ground level there is an opening so go inside and turn left up the blue ramp. Go as far as you can and fall over the edge for (CP235) Hot Rod Walls then drive through the blue tunnel to exit. Turn left and stay along the wall. Turn left again and make your way up the big blue ramp back to the top. Stay in the middle while going up for (CP236) Pilot Hat.

Now that we are back on top, look at Buttercup and to the right is the starting point for "Big Loop Challenge" Go down the slope and hit the middle ramp for (CP237) Porthole Windows. Enter the loop and stay in the middle for (CP238) Mad Scientist Outfit, hit the yellow ramp and land in the tunnel. Follow it around to (CP239) Doctor Outfit, drop out of the tunnel and you end up back on the bottom. Get back to the top by Buttercup and now look for the blue ramp that has large blue boxes at the end. Jump off the middle of this ramp for (CP240) Monsters Inc Screamers. Once you land, at the back of the skate park you will see a large "mural". Drive through it to warp back to the top.

This time drive slowly off this middle ramp and just fall over the edge. You will land on a middle platform for (CP241) Pageant Queen Hat and (CP242) Monsters Inc Windows will be off to the right. Drop down to the bottom and this time, take the big dirt hill on the right all the way back up. Right after the third speed booster is (CP243) Monsters Inc Doors right in the middle.

Now go to the starting place for the final event "Big Ramp Challenge". Going down the big ramp take the right jump and land in the top right tunnel for (CP244) Hot Rod Windows, (CP245) Trapeze Artist Outfit and (CP246) Pilot Outfit. When you land from jumping out of the tunnel, turn right and drive through the mural to warp back to the top. This time on the big ramp, aim for the middle jump and lower tunnel for (CP247) Clown Outfit. Work your way out of the tunnel and back to the top of the big ramp one more time. This time we are aiming for the left jump and upper tunnel. You will get (CP248) Doctor Hat for your trouble.

And that is the last one in this area.

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