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Did one of the system updates in the last couple years add a hidden 0.1x multiplier for score in this game?

I picked it up recently and no way are they "3/10" difficulty. I can't even see myself being able to get Happy Medium, and Well Hard must be harder than the Grand Pearl Poo-Bah.

I can get to 2.5-4 million on Easy and Moderate, but then there's just way too much on-screen to survive, and far too many instant kills (a Scarab volley from close range, half a second of a guardian reflecting your shots, a ton of fast-moving ramming enemies, or all of the above at once). I can't imagine how ridiculous it must be by 9 million.

Is there some kind of bizarre trick? Does playing in SD let you see more? Is there something you can to to stop there being a bajillion sources of death? Smart bombs only save you for a moment and then the next enemies are rushing in before your health starts recharging >.<

If it weren't for those hunters I would honestly spend the two days necessary to do it all in level 1.
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