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Originally Posted by ReaptheChaos View Post
After reading this thread I was dreading the race missions. I put them off until just before the final mission of the game. I have to say, some of you guys need learn to be patient. With the exception of race #7 I did them all within 2 or 3 tries. Some of them on the first attempt. They are incredibly easy!

As for race #7, either use a heavy duty vehicle of use the gyrocopter, its no problem at all.
Is race 7 the one which runs alongside the mountside on that narrow dirt path?

I've been trying that race for over 4 HOURS! Not solidly, but screwing up the race then having to try and loose my wanted level or reload a save and drive back there. I swear, everything that they could throw at you they do

Overly agressive Police ramming you off the road, easy to miss rocks on the roadside, winding path with multiple blind spots, cars driving into you.

I've tried with atleast 5 different vehicles of different sizes INCLUDING the heavy army truck, but each and everytime I either run out of time, fall off the path or my vehicle gets destroyed. I don't even know how close I am to the end of the race (furthest I've got is that tightish bend as you turn right)

I've turned on the PC purely to write this rant, sooooo mad right now. Its 2.30am.

Phuckin' race!
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